Smart Shelf
Masonite, RFID Technology, Lantronix WiPort, LED Lights, Arduino Technology, October 2006

Smart shelf is an intelligent shelf that acts as a recommendation tool by assuming that when you take a book off the shelf, "there is an interest," therefore counting the frequency of books, thereby ranking them. This project was inspired by how I found Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink. I noticed this woman at Starbuck's with a stack of papers to grade, pertaining to psychology, reading Blink during breaks of grading. Then on the way to school, I saw several people reading this book on the subway. Finally, I visited the NYPL site to reserve this book, and there were many people waiting to reserve this book, that I finally had to purchase it online. After my purchase and a couple of months later, I was reading it in a bus, and a woman asked me about it because she had seen it several times that day. It was also an exploration of shelf identities and personalities.

Consultants: James Sears, Kazuhiro Nozaki, Josh Cheng, and Max Weng

Professors: Tom Igoe, Clay Shirky

patent pending 2006
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