Friendship Bracelets and Security Box
Acrylic, Microchip Technology, LEDs, RF Link, April 2006

The Sasu Bracelets and Ochie's Cube were developed in a toy design course. These bracelets allow kids to covertly communicate with one another using light patterns. Ochie's Cube is a security box for safeguarding such belongings as a diary or shared and precious artifacts. These are toy prototypes researching telepathy. There is a backstory (e.g. Sasu Bracelets and Ochie's Cube) that relies on references of the tradition of the Samurai, manga (i.e. Bleach) and superheroes, expressing futuristic idealism.

The heroines of the story are the Sasu twins, who can read people, and use their powers to connect and cleanse evil spirits. By day, they are high school students, and by night, they are superheroes, fighting evil spirits. As one twin fights the evil spirit, the other twin infuses her strength into the victim. They only have their power when they fight together as a team. When they fight alone, they become weaker than human. Ochie, featured on the cube, is a toy octopus by day, and comes to life to aid the Sasu twins in action.

Eventually this toy will evolve in game and web presence. A future version of these bracelets would include software to inspire girls to learn computer language, such as JAVA, as a fun way to create their own unique patterns of the bracelet. Another work in progress is a USB game, where Ochie is a pet, which expresses his emotion using color.

For more information, please read the Special Report: High-Tech Toys in BusinessWeek or view the slide show.

Consultants: James Sears, Angela Pablo

patent pending 2006
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